the inner truth: peanut butter without sugar and additives

the inner truth

2 ingredients: nuts & salt

2 roast styles: light & dark

small batch roasted & milled

deliciously natural & nutritious.

no added sugars, additives, preservatives or palm oil

peanuts are a superfood; a grown-in-the-ground crunchy 

source of protein with filling fibre & healthy-for your-heart fats & vitamins.

sustaining the ability

Twisted Nut strives to use sustainable practices that have a positive impact on the environment.

From selecting quality, recyclable glass jars to delivering store orders on foot or by bicycle to even being conscious of conserving water when washing up.

We just want it all clean and green, y'know.


May I have your attention, please? Will the REAL Twisted Nut please stand up?


Allow me to introduce myself: I'm an Auckland born kiwi turned wannabe Berlin Bear and I'm here to bring you a fresh twist to nut butter.


The nut started to roll with my long-time passion for making espresso coffee and pigging out on my favoured breakfast spread.

I soon developed an understanding of the similarities a coffee bean and a peanut share.

From growth to harvest, the raw to the roast and then the mill to the cup or in my case a glass jar, I was able to learn the key to bringing out natural nut flavours without adding sugar, additives or other junk. 


Like a coffee roaster, I established two distinct roast styles.

The Light Roast & The Dark Roast; two unique peanut flavours.

We mill & mix a small batch at a time with crunchy peanut pieces and a lick of rock salt.