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Why socks?

During my first real winter here in Berlin, selling my peanut butter weekly on the street markets, my feet were frozen solid! I hadn’t ever experienced the cold like this before!

The cold had it out for me and my feet! but I was fortunate at the end of each day to stumble home to a hot shower, food and a warm bed.

My natural vibe had me thinking, what about the people who are outside all winter long and aren’t able to warm up their feet?

I know it’s not possible to put socks on the feet of everyone in need but we can certainly try!

For that reason I have teamed up with Guillermo from @naturalvibessocks a company dedicated to producing warm, organic Aegean cotton socks.
The socks are made using organic, non-toxic chemicals that are planet friendly and the company is Berlin based!

To give us a hand simply add a pair of socks to your online order when purchasing your delicious butter from our website.

Finally, all @naturalvibessocks socks purchased will be taken out to the Berlin city missions by 23/24th of December. Stay tuned to see where your socks went!

I want to extend a huge thank you to Guillermo @naturalvibessocks for working with me to make this all possible.

Note: this is not a brand building initiative from Twisted Nut. This is just an idea from me and my cold feet making use of the small network I have in the local community to give something back.

Corby, the founder of Twisted Nut.